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Develop Purposeful & Productive Communication Skills for Speakers

Awaken Your Voice

Did you know that only approximately 10% of our communication is our verbal content?  Free your voice to express fully and authentically, when speaking and embark on a fun and amazing journey of self-discovery and awareness!

Anyone who has difficulties with their voice does not need a test to tell them they are suffering.  The tightness, throat clearing, cracking, hoarseness, inability to project, husky or nasal vocal quality and the ongoing challenges of communicating effectively speak louder than words.  


Perhaps people constantly ask you to repeat yourself because they can't hear you, complain that they can't understand what you are saying or that they don't understand the point you are trying to make.  


Perhaps your voice functions perfectly, but fear 'strangles' your breath and words, leaving you feeling frustrated and perhaps even isolated from others.

If you depend upon your voice and speaking ability in your work, vocal coaching can mean the difference between daily frustration and success.

Who can benefit?  Public speakers, teachers, trainers, attorneys, ministers, medical professionals, customer service reps, managers, counselors and anyone who desires to improve their speaking ability.  

Learn simple & effective techniques to free & strengthen your voice 
when speaking and to express yourself vocally
with greater choices, competence and confidence.
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