Communication Coaching for Speakers

Vocal Production  ~ Non-verbal Cues ~ Presentation & Leadership Skills

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If you depend upon your voice, your presentation skills and your ability to communicate in your work, 

coaching can mean the difference between daily frustration and career success.

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Only approximately 10% of your communication is your actual verbal content.  

You lead with your non-verbal behaviors, which account for 60% of your communication--and they are mostly invisible to you. You need to control them.

Your vocal production (how you speak) accounts for 30% of your communication. You need to speak well.

If you want your content -- that little 10% -- to be heard, you must consciously replace your habitual, ineffective 

vocal and non-verbal habits with healthy, effective ones.

                                                                    AND THERE'S MORE...

                This is also the place to learn reliable, proven, practical tools to forge connections. 

                                                    You need strong connections to succeed.


Communication Quiz

If you have concerns in any of these areas, I can help you turn your soft skills into hardcore talents.

I try to speak up, but people still ask me to repeat myself.

I try to make a point and people interrupt me, speak over me or move away.

When I begin to speak, my throat feels tight, or my voice cracks, or I want to clear my throat.

I want to feel more confident about how I come across to others and have good tools for interacting.

I want to know where to stand at an event, where to sit in a meeting, what to do with my hands and where to direct my gaze.

I want to learn how to shift small talk into meaningful interactions that build relationships.

I want to be able to share my ideas in ways that positively influence people and get them excited to work with me.

I have achieved a certain degree of success, but know I can do much more. I am ready for the next level.


Please contact Connie (see sidebar above) for information on fees and packages 

for individual coaching and customized business and group training options.

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What my clients say...

"Connie is a phenomenal voice coach. I had never worked with a vocal coach before and did not know what to expect. Working with Connie was great because of her friendliness, knowledge, helpful tips, as well her own approach making the voice lessons fun. From my lessons I have grown in confidence and skills to have a healthy speaking voice for years to come."
Rev. Michael H., Monument, CO 2020