Connie Castro Voice Studio
Policies and Tuition


Who Is Eligible?    
Singers:  Vocal Technique Instruction and Performance Coaching  are available to all singers ages 8 to adult --from 'tone shy' beginners to accomplished performers who wish to study Contemporary Commercial Music (pop, blues, jazz, rock, folk, gospel, metal, etc.) and Musical Theater.

Speakers:  Effective Communication Training is open to all teens and adults who desire to learn purposeful and productive communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, for personal and professional settings.

For a successful experience, a minimum of a 6 month commitment is suggested.  This allows the student to un-do habits that have been getting in the way of freedom and flow, and to develop understanding and consistency with new techniques and choices. 

Practice:  "Showing up is everything!"
Create a routine by setting aside a specific time & place to practice.20-60 minutes every other day is great.    If your week is hectic and practice is missed, attend your next lesson to get back on track!  Discuss difficulties with me right away so we can find solutions for you.  Remember, even 10 minutes of 'deep practice' can create positive results.                                      

Stopping Lessons:
Students are required to provide 2 WEEKS NOTICE of intent to stop lessons.  Lessons terminated prior to the end of the month cannot be refunded.

ABSENCES:  48 Hour Cancellation Policy

No financial credit is given for any missed lessons.  When 48 hours notice is given, because you absolutely must miss a lesson, I will reschedule the lesson at a mutually convenient time.
Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will not be rescheduled, credited or refunded.  No exceptions.
I will just plan to see you at your next scheduled lesson. Therefore, please make your lessons a priority in your schedule  to avoid losing a lesson you have paid for. And remember, you can always gift your lesson to a family member or friend to come in your place.

Extended Absences (3 weeks+)- When a Full-Time student must be absent for 3 weeks or more, 1/2 month's tuition (2 lessons) is due PRIOR TO YOUR ABSENCE as a 'Good Faith' gesture regarding your intent to return, if you want me to hold your regular weekly lesson slot for you.  
This tuition is held on account for you, and then credited towards your tuition when you return.    If the student does not return, this Good Faith deposit is not refundable.

Note on School Plays:  It is a generally accepted practice that high school students may be excused from play practice for private music lessons until the 2 weeks before the performance, when no absences are allowed.  Be sure to work this out with your school teacher at the onset of rehearsals. i am happy to sign proof of lesson documentation for you as needed by your school.

Snow Days/School Closures.  Many times, a winter ‘storm’ clears by noon & lessons can proceed as scheduled in the afternoons.  However, when travel restrictions are recommended, I will telephone each student by late-morning to discuss 3 options:  proceed as scheduled with the lesson; move their lesson to earlier in the day when roads are generally better; or reschedule to a different day at our mutual convenience.  No credit or refunds for snow days.

My studio is located near downtown Colorado Springs.   

Parking & Waiting Area:
Please drive slowly in the neighborhood as many children are present.  Park on the street in front of the house or in the driveway and be sure to avoid blocking any neighboring driveways .  An area is available for parents who desire to wait during their child's lesson.  (Parents are always welcome to observe lessons.)

NOTE:  All tuition is due in full for the month at the first lesson of each month.  No exceptions.  
Payment may be made by Credit card, Personal Check or Cash.

Initial Vocal Assessment:   $45  (45 minutes)
As it is important to ensure a good match between student and teacher, the first lesson consists of a vocal assessment and goal-setting as a prerequisite for enrollment as a singing or speaking student.  At this lesson, you will learn: 
        How your current vocal habits are supporting you or working against you
        Your current abilities & how they can be expanded
        Strengths and weaknesses in your voice & how they can be addressed & corrected
        Optimal Set-up & Breathing for singing or speaking

As time permits, basic exercises designed specifically for your needs will be provided to begin practicing at home.

Full-Time Private Lessons:  
Average of $200/month (based on 4 - 45 minute lessons; $50 each)  

When there are 3 or 5 lessons in a month, the student pays that corresponding amount.  

Part-Time Private Lessons:  $120/month  (2 - 45 minute lessons per month on a space-available basis)

Consultations:  $60 /45 min appointment 

Classes & Workshops:  $ TBA
Specific Registration dates and tuition are provided for each class & workshop when it is announced.  
No classes are scheduled at this time.
Contact Connie to register.

Student Concerts/Open Mic Nights:  $10 per student, per event
Public Student Concerts (aka "Open Mic Nights") are conducted periodically. A minimal fee of $10 per student is charged per student.  
Students are encouraged to invite family and friends!

Thank You!