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We are truly Springing into connection these days!

Since many of us will be virtually communicating for the next while, I thought it might be fun to share some research-based tips on how to connect effectively in the virtual world so folks look forward to zooming or FaceTiming with you! Then you can fill your virtual calendar by scheduling dates for video coffee, happy hour, workouts, dinner, music lessons, church, yoga, cooking classes, house concerts.  So far--I know folks who are doing all of the above, and more! 👍

Research indicates that it is best to video conference rather than text, call or email. Why, you ask? 🤔

1. Your non-verbal behaviors are 60% of your communication. Video allows you and your quirky, 'uniquely you' non-verbals to be seen and adored. How about we put on a nice shirt, brush our hair and straighten up our computer area before we go out in the virtual world to chat with each other! We may be at home, but we don't have to be alone.

2. Your vocal quality is 30% of your communication. So no mumbling, please! Speak as if you are giving a speech--in your 'presentation' voice so you can be heard. Video allows your voice to be heard and 'felt'.

3. Actually, your INTENT is what the other person cares about most in every interaction with you. So, decide what your intent is before you connect--so you can share your point, passion or your problem effectively--and positively (of course)!.

4. Your content/point is only 10% of your communication. Yup. 10%.

Bottom Line: If you want your little 10% to be heard-- video conference, dress up a bit as if you are going out in public (from the waist up will do), use your upbeat presentation voice, be clear about your point and, above all, approach each person with positive intent in this time of challenge.

More later.  😍

Let's be Positive, Prepared and Connected (I couldn't think up a P word as good as 'connected'...if you think of one, please let me know :-)

Be safe and well, 🤗