Who I Am...
I have been have been blessed to blend my passion for ongoing learning, teaching & supporting others to express authentically and achieve their goals, my love of music and--most of all--my fascination for exploring the art and science of communicating.

Freedom has been an ongoing theme...

Freedom of the Breath to flow through the body, allowing us to express and engage with ease and to minimize stress as we also flow with the events of our lives and breathe through the fearful limitations that strangle our voice and cause us to struggle and hold back in life.  (Breathing training to effectively manage stress and anxiety.)
Freedom of the Voice to express our thoughts, feelings and desires authentically with ease, purpose and impact. And to ensure that we are engaging with others, both verbally and nonverbally, in ways that strengthen our connections and foster trust, warmth, confidence and mutuality.
Our Non-Verbal  skills are crucial to establishing effective communication and strong connections. We LEAD with our non-verbals! They transmit 60% of our intention/message--long before you speak a word. Therefore, we must be conscious about what non-verbals we want to lead with in all our interactions--personal, social and business. Presentation skills coaching is the key to mastering your non-verbal communication and increasing the odds that the message you want to convey will be received. 

Lastly, my personal desire for myself and everyone I coach is that we all experience and express greater Freedom--with every breath, every word, every song, and every courageous step we take towards achieving our goals.  

Considering that change is the rule and nature of life and that all of us deal with fear on some level each day, we need effective tools to shift from fear to freedom in order to authentically express who we are, envision and create the life we want to experience for ourselves, and to expand our awareness and abilities to move beyond the limitations we view in our path.

My PHD from the School of Hard Knocks: 
I was born into a musical family and have been singing and performing since the age of three.  In high school, I  won numerous vocal competitions at the state and regional levels.  At the age of 16, I performed in an honest to gosh beauty pageant and received the award for Best Talent with my 
vocal/piano arrangement of Edgar Winter's rock ballad, Autumn (singing for a crowd more familiar with Julie Andrews).  

In college, I sang at campus coffeehouses, countless weddings & other special events as I completed my schooling with a masters degree in education, and traversed a 40+ year career of teaching in a variety of educational settings from early childhood programs, to an adjunct faculty position at the college level, to a clinic intervention setting, to transitioning into private coaching.  I have enjoyed supporting speakers and singers at all levels for 20 years now. AND I did pretty much everything wrong until I enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks--kicking and screaming.

I understand many hard issues that professional speakers and singers can face because I've experienced many of them myself.  I was born hearing-impaired. It was diagnosed when I was in grade school. I have no hearing in my right ear, but I have a lifetime of handy tips for effectively dealing with that. In 2000, I experienced vocal cord paresis caused by a viral infection (for you curious types, that would be: Superior Laryngeal Nerve Paresis, right side, which resulted in stiffness & compensatory functional dysphonia).  This was all complicated with concurrent a diagnosis of GERD (reflux), hypothyroidism and vocal fold hemorrhages.  

That was a time of great fear that my voice might be gone, so I persisted in following a rigid plan of daily exercises for over three years to regain my vocal function.  Throughout this process, I continued to coach and perform full time.


My lengthy personal journey of healing my own voice to bring it back to full function with more range and better tonal quality than existed prior to the injuries, honed my skills as a vocal coach. Diet and lifestyle changes cleared up all signs of GERD and I've maintained a low dose of thyroid support since my diagnosis. 

You don't need years of coaching---but you do need to know & understand your voice to take charge of your speaking and singing, develop good breathing and vocal technique habits, and learn healthy vocal practices to keep your voice healthy and strong.


In 2004, after observing unusual breathing patterns in a number of my students, I pursued an Advanced Certification in Breath Therapy with Carol Lampman of Integration Concepts. This invaluable training, along with continued study of the breath, ever deepens my awareness of the vital and intimate connection between the breath and the body, emotions and our thoughts.

When we restore our natural, free, full-body breath, we FREE ourselves to experience  increased well-being on every level of our being.  In the years since this training, I have had the opportunity to deepen my understanding and faith in the power of the breath by 'breathing through'  several life-altering events--- including cancer. It works---your breath will always give you what you need!  

Each of us has our times of reckoning and our moments of choice.  Whether fear holds you back from speaking up, singing out, getting up on a stage to present your ideas or strut your stuff,  saying 'no' to your best friend or spouse or boss, or from even taking a deep breath when you feel stressed out...you can choose a new way and say 'yes' to yourself and allow your breath to center your body, calm your emotions, clear your mind, and even open you to intuitive insight as to your next step---all as it neutralizes your stress response and activates your relaxation response.

Connie holds a BA in Social Work, a MS degree in Education; Advanced Certification in Breath Therapy; a Certificate of Voiceworks Method & Pedagogy of Styles Training; college-level coursework in Piano Pedagogy; 10 years of private piano study, including study with Master Teacher, Sara McDaniel, in Colorado Springs; a Certificate of SoP/People Skills Training and more...

Over 40 years of individual and group teaching in both child and adult education settings.  I have been coaching speakers and singers in Colorado Springs since 2000 and providing Essential Breathing coaching since 2004. 
In addition to my coaching schedule, classes, workshops and keynotes, I occasionally perform solo vocal/piano & love to 'mix it up' with other local musicians.  I have also served as the Music Director for Unity Spiritual Center since 2001.
As a Speaker & Workshop Facilitator...

I have organized and facilitated inspiring and innovative workshops, conferences and classes for over 40 years in a variety of settings

Current workshops include:
Awaken Your Voice Speaker Workshop
Body Talk (Non-Verbal Skills)Workshop
A Crash Course in Good Singing
Customized options are available for businesses and groups.

Notable Venues:

Black Rose Acoustic Society, Open Stage

Springspree, Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak Hospice, Major Donor Receptions, Colorado Springs

The Famous, Steakhouse, Colorado Springs

Better Business Bureau, Special Event w/ Wally Amos, Colorado Springs

Mill Dog Rescue, Concert Fund-Raiser,  Colorado Springs

The Glory of Love, Concert Fund-Raiser, Colorado Springs

Music on the Mesa,  Concert Fund-Raiser, Colorado Springs

SCUCA Conference, GlenEyrie, Colorado Springs

SpiritWoman Conference, Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs