Essential Breathing Training 

Level I - by Individual Appointment only

Level II  & Level III - Individual Appointment or Customized Workshops

Keynote Presentations (20-30 minutes)

What if you can uplevel your health and manage your stress 

in just 3-10 breaths?

Essential Breathing

Free your breath to express optimal well-being in this stress-filled world.
 Physical Vitality ~ Emotional Calm ~ Mental Clarity ~ Intuitive Insight

An estimated 87% of Americans are shallow breathers—as young as first graders.

Essential Breathing is an educational training program designed to help you correct unstable breathing patterns that actually create and reinforce fatigue, illness, anxiety, mental confusion, overwhelm and so much more.  When  your natural, full and free breath pattern is restored,  you gain physical vitality, become able to free yourself from the stress response and remain calm and composed during stressful situations, experience increased mental clarity and even increase your access to your intuitive insight and creativity.

Breathing is foundational to a healthy, strong and clear voice and a vital component of 
vocal coaching, presentation training and performance skills for speakers and singers.  

Breath is energy and energy is life. Our breath is our most vital life-sustaining function from our first breath to our last. Yet, due to our stress-laden lifestyles today, restricted breathing is now epidemic, contributing to a host of stress-related health issues. 

Take the QUIZ  below to see how YOU could benefit from Essential Breathing.

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I am a serious SPEAKER or SINGER, or in a profession with high vocal demands?

I frequently feel tired and depleted, and experience bouts of depression?
I occasionally feel like I 'can't catch your breath' or suffer from chronic respiratory problems (asthma, allergies, bronchitis)?
I frequently feel anxious and stressed out?

I frequently feel the need to clear my throat?

I find myself holding my breath?
I catch myself frequently sighing, yawning or taking in a gasping-like breath?
I frequently feel 'fuzzy-headed', confused or unfocused, and experience difficulty concentrating?
I suffer from chronic headaches, body aches, pains and muscle tension?
I am involved in an addiction recovery program (i.e. stop smoking, AA, OA)?

People complain that they can't hear me and ask me to speak up?

I experience difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep or other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea?

I sometimes appear pale, with dark circles under my eyes?
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Essential Breathing sessions are available to gently assist you in learning to re-establish the natural, free, full-body breath you were born with. Essential Breathing facilitates healing and alleviation of stress-related conditions, and the experience of increased well-being in a series of 1-hour sessions where the client receives in depth assessment of current breathing patterns; instruction to restore the Essential Breath; strategies to release distortions; & specific tools to activate the body’s relaxation response & gain freedom from the stress response. The client is introduced to a variety of breathing patterns to become competent in intentionally utilizing the breath to neutralize stress & increase physical vitality, emotional calm, mental clarity & intuitive insight.

(3-6 sessions are recommended for optimal training and integration of skills.)

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Connie would love to share an overview of the benefits & principles of Essential Breathing™ with your organization.  Activities include a lively demonstration of common breath distortions, and a 'first step strategy' your participants can implement in any moment to immediately enhance their well-being. This presentation provides an interactive & informative introduction to the importance of freeing the breath for optimal well-being. 

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I will use EB to decrease anxiety and be able to calm myself down in times of a stressful event. I felt this was a very worthwhile technique to learn. I would recommend it to anyone.

I. Murphy, Colorado Springs, 2015

Two weeks before emergency hospital personnel told me I had insufficient oxygen to the brain, from some problem they could not determine, Connie Castro told me in a preliminary breathing therapy session that I had not enough oxygen reaching my lungs and body, and the reason was because I wasn't breathing properly! I have been coming to her for “essential” breathing therapy over the three months since. She has taught me how to deep breath using nose, mouth, and total body inhalation, and I am eternally grateful to her for knowing and sharing what no doctor was able to prescribe.
T. White, Colorado Springs, 2015

Connie brings her sensitivity and observation skills to guide her clients to use breath as a tool for well-being in everyday life, as well as in singing.
G. Hearten, Colorado Springs, 2014

Right away, I felt more relaxed. But now, I am moving from relaxation to confidence and focus. Connie has taught me how to use my breath to improve my performance. Her teaching is transformational.
K. Sherwood, Colorado Springs, 2013