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To register for a class or workshop call or email Connie

Currently, no classes are scheduled. 

Stage-Training class...2 hour class

This is a Master Class format for speakers, singers & musicians to help you gain valuable techniques to hone your ability to share your music with increased confidence. Neutralizing the fear/stage fright that can hold us back from connecting with our listeners is also an important consideration for every singer, speaker and anyone else who must climb on a stage.  Fear is every human beings greatest challenge in life.   Awareness, knowledge and specific techniques empower us to neutralize fear  and grow in confidence, mastery and joy on stage--and off!

Contact me if you want to sign up.  Bring 2 songs you are working on & perform them for the class. You will receive helpful (supportive & kind!) feedback as to suggestions to hone your stage craft.

This class is open to current & former students, and by teacher referral.

A Crash Course in Good Singing...6 week class/1 hr per week

A 6-week introductory class for singers who are new to vocal lessons and desire to learn the 5 basic techniques of good singing to improve their skills.
Don’t let your body sing for you and settle for whatever comes out of your mouth! Most average to good singers without any training are about basic 5 techniques away from good to excellent singing.  Have fun learning the Basic 5 (and more) to take control of your vocal ‘instrument’ and sing with more freedom, confidence and joy.

Singing 101.
6 week class/1 hr per week

A 6 week class for Adults that is perfect for beginning singers, Crash Course graduates & rusty singers who want to get their voice back into shape.
Gain confidence & control of your singing choices as you learn exercises to strengthen & balance your voice, tune your ear & pitch, and increase range & freedom. Then put it all together singing a variety of songs each week to gain confidence and competence singing with others, and soloing in front of others.

Intro to Singing Harmony...6 week class/1 hr per week

Don’t be content as a ‘lead singer’—no matter how good you might sound. Get on track to become a singer in great demand in your musical circles by developing the ability to sing parts and support other singers to sound their best as well. Have fun learning the basics of harmony production, how to blend, and practice harmonizing with others.

Skills needed:  This is a beginning class developed for singers who have either had at least 3 months of private voice lessons, previous enrollment in CCMS Harmony Classes OR previous experience successfully sustaining a melody line with a harmony part present.  If you cannot sustain a melody line on pitch with a harmony present, private lessons are recommended to help you achieve this basic requirement prior to enrolling in this class.

Intermediate Harmony Singing.
6 week class/1 hr per week 

Don’t settle for simple, predictable harmonies. Take your harmony singing to the next level learning and practicing more complicated harmonies.

Skills needed:  This is an intermediate class developed for singers who have either had at least 1 year of private voice lessons, including harmony production OR successfully completed the Intro to Singing Harmony class.

A Cappella Harmony Singing ...6 week class/1 hr per week              

Move to what many consider the highest level of harmony production—a cappella singing.  Students will continue to work in duos, trios and quartets to hone their skills.

Skills needed:  This is an advanced class developed for singers who have had ample experience singing harmony at an intermediate level OR successfully completed the Intermediate Harmony class.  Singers must have good relative pitch to enroll in this class.