Vocal Coaching 

for Singers & Speakers at all Levels

Healthy, Effective Vocal Technique Training 

& Performance Coaching for SINGERS & SPEAKERS

Purposeful and Productive Communication Tools for SPEAKERS

Essential Breathing Training

for Optimal Well-Being  


Coaching inspires Choices ~ Competence ~ Confidence

When you become aware of your singing, speaking & performance Choices, 
you gain Competence in your skills, 
and can joyfully share your music & message with Confidence.

Overview of Services and Testimonials

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Essential Breathing

Free your breath to express optimal well-being.
 Physical Vitality ~ Emotional Calm ~ Mental Clarity ~ Intuitive Insight

Essential Breathing is an educational training program designed to help you correct unstable breathing patterns that actually create and reinforce fatigue, illness, anxiety, mental confusion, overwhelm and so much more.  When  your natural, full and free breath pattern is restored,  you gain physical vitality, become able to free yourself from the stress response and remain calm and composed during stressful situations, experience increased mental clarity and even increase your access to your intuitive insight and creativity.

Essential Breathing is also a vital component of vocal training and performance coaching 
for singers & speakers.  

Individual Sessions ~ Workshops ~ Keynote Presentations

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Vocal Technique Instruction & Performance Coaching

for Singers and Speakers

Free your voice to fully express through your singing and speaking.
For Singers & Speakers at all Levels

Vocal Coaching for Singers
Supports singers to develop healthy vocal care practices to maintain optimal functioning of the singing voice, as well as excellence in their vocal technique, musicality, and performance skills according to their individual aspirations.

 Vocal Coaching for Speakers
Supports speakers to develop healthy vocal care practices and to learn and utilize both verbal and non-verbal skills to communicate effectively, create rapport and get your message across with purposeful and productive communication skills.

"Dear Connie, you are on my mind today...2 days after my 50th birthday party. It was truly a magical night playing music, surrounded by friends and family...This would never have been possible without your presence in my life. Your encouragement through this journey of music and self has been a huge blessing in my life...to find the courage to share this important part of my life with others."
Tim Cameron, Colorado Springs, CO 2018

"You made my day!  Dear Connie, I want to thank you for so many things. First, to the extent that I can sing, I have you to thank. You not only had me doing the right exercises, but helped me understand why (amazing how much it's like any other instrument.) And you've been making our music community a better place for many years, and a lot of people truly appreciate it.
Charlie Hall, Colorado Springs, CO, 2018

"Thank you for being my vocal teacher these past three years. You have taught me so many important things regarding my voice, and I'm so grateful that you've stopped me from chest belting...my mixed voice has never been stronger! Thank you for every audition you helped me with, every song and every backtrack. I will truly miss you."
Jenna Klewsaat, Larkspur, CO, 2017

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful exercises, laughter and encouragement. You are a very special teacher with a true "teacher's heart." See you next year!"
Fran Winckel, Tuscon, AZ, 2015

"You've taught me so much over the past few months! I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to learn from such a talented lady! Thank you for your kindness & friendship."
Sarah Weber, USAF, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

"I cannot thank you enough for all the techniques as well as advice you have given me over the years!  You have been a huge impact on me and I am so thankful for having you in  my life!"
Sarah Henry, Colorado Springs, 2012

"Thank you so much for everything you have given me...I've loved watching and experiencing you transform people, whether they come to your door young and ready to sing or older and more cautious about their voice--no matter who you lay your hand upon, you have this way of influencing people to become better, both in their voice and in their heart.  I am so truly blessed to be one of those people."
Becca  Rothstein, Colorado Springs, 2012

"When I began studying with Connie, I noticed that she has the incredible ability to bring out the best in people.  She sees beauty and talent in her students, even when they cannot see it in themselves...a great teacher is inspiring, and Connie has been an important influence in my life."
Ruby Greenberg, Colorado Springs, 2012

"Connie is an expert vocal coach who gave me specific and practical tools to improve as a singer and performer. She is great to work with and a wonderful role model herself as a singer, performer, pianist and spiritual leader."
Pamela Conner, Colorado Springs, 2005
"I'm not sure I can express how grateful I am.  You are so amazing at what you do, I'd never have learned as much from another singing teacher...  You really love what you do and as a result, you are incredible at it.  You know even better than I how much my voice has changed since I began learning from you. .."
Nell Maynard, Colorado Springs, 2009-2010

“In addition to being a delightful, positive and supportive presence, Connie is a knowledgeable and competent voice instructor. She is expert at understanding all the ‘moving parts’ of the voice and breaks it down into easy bites for wonderful results. Regardless of ability level, Connie ~ with her knowledge, skillful teaching, and firm and gentle encouragement ~ supports people in their singing and performing journey. I have enthusiastically recommended Connie to many, and will continue to do so.”

Sally Rothstein, Colorado Springs, 1997

"Just as the eyes are the windows to the Soul, and first impressions do count, 

the breath is the foundation of life, 

and the voice is the expression 

of one's thoughts, emotions and desires into form.

Let us be fearless and free as we express who we are in the world. " Connie Castro

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